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Powder pressing machine is a small, flower basket continuous automatic tablet press


Powder press is a small, basket type continuous automatic pressing machine.
It is one of the necessary equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industrial departments to deal with granular materials and press tablets or granules.
It is suitable for small batch production departments, laboratories, hospitals and other pressing tablets, touch coal, sugar tablets, tablets, coffee pills, powder metallurgy, electronic components and various agricultural fertilizer tablets etc.. It can suppress a variety of special-shaped, annular tablets, and can suppress a double-sided trademark, text and simple graphics tablets. Next, the little editor will introduce some of its attentions for you.
1, the power supply should pay attention to the direction of the operation of the machine, do not reverse, and avoid damage to the machine parts.
2. When the machine is debugged, the power supply should be cut off to avoid the injury accident.
3, the reverse point transport button can only be used in the case of pressure unloading or debugging observation, and can not be used at will, so as not to damage the accident.
4, the protective cover on the machine, the safety cover and so on should be installed before use and can not be dismantled.
5, the die should not crack, deformation, edge and other quality problems, not qualified products do not use, so as not to damage the machine and influence the quality of the tablet.
6, adjust the machine parts or troubleshooting, must stop the machine, so as not to cause personal injury. 7, when refueling, do not make oil spill out, so as not to affect the quality of the tablet.
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